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Back to school...and back to healthy food habits!

It is our pleasure to have Carolien Terink of Hip and Healthy Lifestyle as a guest writer this week. She shares with you useful tips about how to return to good eating habits. 

Eating without being hungry

We are living in an exceptional situation; our normal life has been turned upside down in the last 2 months and we be feeling anxious and stressed about these changes. While these feelings are normal, they may alter our food habits and a bit too often we may find ourselves eating without being hungry …

Now that schools are opening again and we are progressively heading back to work, it is time to return to our healthy diets! 

Some tips & tricks to get you and your family back on track:

  • Adopt (or maintain) a regular meal structure: a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner are key!
  • Balance your meals with starches, vegetables and a source of protein, accompanied by tap water
  • Avoid having any foods at home that you find difficult to resist or difficult to control the quantity of

And, when it comes to snacks, ALWAYS ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you “just” feel like eating…

If you feel like eating without being hungry:

  • Occupy yourself with any other activity! Anything works: brushing your teeth, reading a good book, going for a walk …
  • Identify a better solution to your needs. If you feel anxious, talking to a relative or friend might be a better solution!
  • Try some relaxation exercises, focus on the present. Your cravings may disappear!

If you still feel like snacking

If you still feel like snacking, decide consciously what will make you happy:

  • Choose the food you really want to eat. Eating an apple while you really want chocolate is not going to be good enough!
  • Take the piece of chocolate you would like to eat, take only that specific quantity and install yourself comfortably… on your sofa, on the balcony… As far as possible from the rest of the bar! Savor your piece as slowly as you can, without feeling guilty and fully benefitting of the delicious taste! It is very likely that you will consume less than normal.

Eating healthy is knowing how to deal with your cravings! 



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