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Ecurie Denogent

Stable Denogent is a riding school for children and adults, offering you the opportunity to discover and practice riding all year round. Various courses, private and group, camps and courses for all your needs, and of course a dozen magnificent horses! The philosophy of the Denogent stable is based on Anita Raverdino's knowledge, experience and beliefs. Come and discover the joy of riding with Denogent Stable, and start your career as a rider!


Ecurie Denogent - Gland, Schweiz

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Camp - multiple equestrian disciplines
Von 120,00 CHF
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Route de l'Etraz 48, 1196 Gland

Camp Jeunesse et Sport 1,2,3 and Children's Test

The best way to immerse yourself in various equestrian sports, whether for a week of initiation or for overall improvement.

For children (ages 5 to 9) and young people (aged 10 to 21).

The camp includes a preparation for the JS exams (10 to 21 years) and the children's tests (5 to 10 years) which take place on 29 December 2017 for the students who wish to take part - children's test number 1 to number 7 and test JS1, 2 and 3 trick riding/horse riding.

The program includes:

  • Trick riding, dressage, Draft Horse riding, and ground work for all levels
  • Trail rides and jumps (as of test 2 JS or Brevet level)
  • Exciting and entertaining equestrian theoretical knowledge ranging from the horse's anatomy to ethics and communication

Ecurie Denogent offers several training options. Please see the table below to see which one suits you best.

Option Times Price Comment
Full week, 4 days 9:00 - 16:30 CHF 450 .- JS Test included
4 half-days
9:00 - 12:00 CHF 240 .- JS test not included, CHF 50 .- supplement
4 half-days
13:30 - 16:30 CHF 240 .- JS test not included, CHF 50 .- supplement
1 day 9:00 - 16:30 CHF 120 .- JS test not included, CHF 50 .- supplement

Note that you can choose your half-days 'à la carte'. This means, you can mix between mornings and afternoons across the 4 days.

Meals and snacks are not included in the price. If you wish, you can pay CHF 50.- for lunch and snacks and snacks to be catered for you throughout the week. Otherwise, remembre to bring a picnic.

When making your reservation, please indicate in the 'Comments' box the camp option you which to register for. If you want to come only for 1 day, please specify the date. If you wish to book a 4 half-days, 'à la carte', indicate the hours for each day. If you want to pay for meals throughout the week, please specify so in the same box.

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Brevet de Cavalier
Von 50,00 CHF
Von bis

Route de l'Etraz 48, 1196 Gland

Une semaine intensive est la meilleure formule pour une immersion dans les sports équestres et des progrès explosifs.

Cette semaine de stage, ouverte pour les enfants dès 10 ans, est axée sur les thèmes contenus dans la formation du Brevet de cavalier et du JS 3 équitation.

Les activités pratiques sont réservées au candidat du brevet 2018. Les demi-journées théoriques et la pratique à l’écurie autour du cheval sont ouvertes à tous. Test JS 2 est préquis pour le stage complet.

Le programme comprend :

  • Théorie
  • Pratique à l’écurie autour du cheval
  • Pratique de dressage et de saut
  • Gestion du stress et du temps pour le succès aux examens

Cliquez içi pour voir l'horaire pour la semaine.

Concernant les tarifs, vous avez plusieurs options. Le table ci-dessous vous indique toutes les possibilitées.

Formule Prix Commentaires
Semaine complète, 5 jours CHF 550.- Prendre son pic-nique
5 demi-journées CHF 300.- option pour les enfants de 5 à 10 ans
Forfait repas CHF 50.- pour les enfants de 5 à 10 ans
repas de midi et goûter pour la semaine
Forfait repas CHF 75.- pour les enfants dès 10 ans
repas de midi et goûter pour la semaine
Activités du jeudi soir CHF 50.- min 3, max 10 personnes
repas et petit-déjeuner inclus

Pour réservez une place pour ce stage, cliquez sur 'Selectioner'. Veuillez indiquer dans la case 'Commentaires' la/les formule(s) de stage de votre choix.

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Trick Ridding - Thursday evening & Saturday morning
Von 50,00 CHF
Von bis

Route de l'Etraz 48, 1196 Gland

Trick riding is an great equestrian event that develops the child physical and psychologically and maintains the fitness and health of the adult and adolescent.

Lessons are provided for several different age categories:

  • children - 5 to 10 years
  • teenagers - 11 to 21 years
  • adults - + 21 years
  • seniors - + 71 years old

For children, trick riding is an excellent way to be introduced to equestrian sports. For the older ones, specialization in the disciple is possible and Ecurie Denogent is equipped to support the trick ridder in their first competition experiences, all the way to compete internationally by team or individually.

Courses are given in blocks of 2 hours. Saturday mornings (10: 00-12: 00) and Thursday evenings (17: 00-19: 00).

Prices vary depending on your age, the frequency and duration of lessons and whether you are taking private or group lessons. The table below is indicative of standard prices. Monthly packages or 10 lesson cards with more advantageous prices are also available.

Lessons Time 5-10 years 11-21 years + 21 years
Private 45 mins CHF 70 .- CHF 70 .- CHF 80 .-
max 7 people
120 mins CHF 50 .- CHF 50 .- CHF 50 .-

To book a lesson, click 'select', fill in your details, and in the comments box, indicate which day you would like to attend as well as your age group.

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Draft Horse Ridding - lessons for children and adults
Von 60,00 CHF
Von bis

Route de l'Etraz 48, 1196 Gland

From trail rides to competition, the event of draft horse riding is one of the main activties of Ecurie Denogetn. The teaching of this discipline is open to children from the age of 8 as well as adults.

Draft horse riding training is very complex. Practically, the rider approaches the training by lunching the horse, with long rains and perfects himself using a simulator. Theoretically, he learns the sensory world of the horse by going over the rules of road traffic and knowledge of the tradition.

The prices of tha classes vary according to your age, the frequency and the length of the classes and whether you take private or group lessons. The table below indicates the standard prices. Monthly prices or 10 lesson cards with better rates are also possible.

Lesson Length 5-10 years 11-21 years + 21 years
Private Lessons
Private material
45 min CHF 80.- CHF 80.- CHF 80.-
Private Lesson
Rented material
45 min CHF 80.- CHF 80.- CHF 90.-
Group Lesson 60 min CHF 60.- CHF 60.- CHF 70.-

To book a lesson, click on 'select', fill in your details, and in the 'Comments' section, indicate which day you which to take the lesson, your age category and whether you need to rent material.


Das Ziel von TIQ 2 Sports ist es, Sie mit den besten Sporterlebnissen in Ihrer Nähe zu verbinden.

Bei TIQ 2 Sports arbeiten wir ständig daran, ein Netzwerk von Trainern und Clubs zu entwickeln, denen wir vertrauen, wie Ecurie Denogent. Wir decken über 30 Sportarten ab und haben derzeit mehr als 100 Trainer und Vereine in der Schweiz die auf dich warten. Erfahren Sie mehr über Reiten oder andere Sportarten in Gland.