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Quam Byll‐Cataria, Onsora’s founder, was heavy involved in competitive sports as a child and since the age of 14, he has devoted his time to learning how the body works and experimenting with different training methods. Benefitting from his research, he was promoted to play for the Under-19 basketball team at the age of 16. Although Quam no longer plays organised sports, the knowledge of efficient training that he acquired over the years has allowed him to stay in competitive shape today. Quam is fluent in both French and English.

Every body is unique. Quam trains people of various ages and fitness levels. Customised workouts, bodyweight exercises, mobility development, and injury prevention are fundamental elements of Onsora’s training philosophy. Maximising your potential, any fitness goal you set yourself can be achieved with the help of a trainer, whether you are just discovering physical exercise or are an elite athlete. Quam can provide you with undivided attention throughout training sessions and tailor your workouts according to your needs.

Taking holistic approach towards fitness, Quam is aware of the importance of people skills. Building his clients mentally is as important to him as getting them in better physical shape. Quam firmly believes that a person achieves a lot more when he or she is encouraged, placing emphasis on motivating and providing moral support to his clients. His training methods ensure that his clients are able to transfer the strength and endurance developed during training to everyday activities.

You would like to start with a personal trainer? But not sure if you and Quam get along 😄? Then book a free 'get-to-know' session.


Onsora Personal Training - Gland, Schweiz

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'Get-to-know' session
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You would like to meet Quam before committing? That makes sense! Also for Quam it is very important to build a good rapport and a trust-based relationship with his clients. He therefore offers this session so that you can see whether you will be comfortable with him being your trainer. Only then good results can be expected!

In this session Quam will answer all of your questions, listen to what you are looking for, and obtain important information (medical conditions, past surgeries, etc). Quam then explains his philosophy and training methods, possibly with a few exercise demonstrations.

To book a free 'get-to-know' session, click 'select', fill out your details, under 'comments' add what you are looking for and when you are available to meet. Quam will get back to you and confirm the date and time. The 'get-to-know' session is for free. If you decide to continue with Quam, you can buy any of the packs above.


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