Progression Snowsport

Progression Snowsport offers many great teambuilding activities:

  • Snowshoeing in St. Cergue and La Givrine. CHF 29.- per person.
  • Snowshoeing and Swiss fondue. CHF 54.- per person.
  • Torch and snow sports. For all activities (snowshoe, ski, cross country...). CHF 15.- per person.
  • Cross Country, nordic skiing. CHF 29.- per person.
  • Ski, snowboard. CHF 35.- per person.
  • Geocaching, orienteering. CHF 35.- per person.
  • Rescue Challenge. CHF 35.- per person.
  • Avalanche course. CHF 35.- per person.
  • Igloo building. CHF 45.- per person.
  • Dog sledge. CHF 49.- per person.
  • The Patrouille de la Barilette race. CHF 49.- per person.

Photo Progression Snowsport, La Dôle - Switzerland

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