Sarah Sophro

Sophrology is a method that will give you tools to develop your abilities and help you build, renovate and/or repair yourself.

The basis of sophrology is a deep connection with your body through internalization. This internalization helps to embed in you the work you have done during a session. This embedding will allow you to use these tools in your daily life.

Examples of situations where sophrology can be useful:

  • Fears
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Difficulties to communicate
  • Preparation for an objective (exam, competition, ...)
  • Need to reconnect with oneself
  • Want to develop his/her capabilities
  • And many more ...

Sarah Sophro offers group sessions (CHF 30.- per person per session of 1 hour) and individual sessions at your home (CHF 80.- per person per session of 1 hour).

Photo Sarah Sophro, Gland - Switzerland

Route de l'Etraz 56

1196 Gland

+41 79 289 69 07

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