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New Concept Sports Lausanne Photo New Concept Sports Lausanne, Epalinges - Switzerland $ +41 21 784 34 44 Route de la croix blanche 42, 1066 Epalinges, Switzerland

New Concept Sports is the number one for running and Nordic walking in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Founded 20 years ago by Raymond Corbaz, the shop was taken over at the beginning of 2009 by Pierre Morath, the well known long distance runner and trainer.

New Concept Sports has specialised over the years in analysis of the stride of the runner/walker, to the point where it has become the most widely known structure in Switzerland in this field. NCS specialists will give you personalised attention, firstly to provide a static analysis of your foot (podoscopy) and then to make a dynamic study of your stride (video analysis) in order to find the running shoe, hiking boot, or trail or Nordic walking shoe that best suits your running/walking technique.

Photo New Concept Sports Lausanne, Epalinges - Switzerland

Route de la croix blanche 42

1066 Epalinges

+41 21 784 34 44

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