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Lausanne in Switzerland

The Generation Games in Lausanne: 8 - 12 Oct

The Generation Games is a fun and purposeful sports event for people of all ages. Organized in cities around the world, based on the creative concept which is simply shared. Any city can make use of the available framework.

The Generation Games = multi-sports, multi-generations, multi-purpose. With a focus on positive community impact. The participating teams are composed of people of various generations, for instance, children, parents, grandparents. These mixed teams take part in sports activities that underline intergenerational collaboration. Contributing to the spirit of Olympism.

The event is about learning from each other, inspiring each other, passing on to each other. Generations having a positive influence on each other. Experience and fresh ideas connecting. Generations coaching each other, passing on the love of sports and having a good time.

Based on the success of last year’s edition, the Generation Games will again be an integrated part of this 37th edition of the Olympic Week in Lausanne in 2017.


Generation Games - Lausanne, Switzerland

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In front of the Olympic Museum, Quai d’Ouchy 1, 1006 Lausanne

The Generation Games are looking for volunteers who would like to help during one (or more) day(s) - this can include noting down scores, explaining the games to the participants and use your creative qualities to help create a great ambiance.

Volunteers receive a beautiful jacket of the Olympic museum and a delicious lunch at the Olympic museum. Besides, there is a lot to do in the Olympic Park.

You can sign up now - under 'comments' please indicate the day or days that you're available to come and help. Once we have received your subscription, you will receive an email from the Generation Games to confirm your time slot.

Thank you so much!


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