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Workshops for parents of young athletes

Do you ever wonder how you can best support your child in sport? How do you pick them up when they have a bad performance? What do you say when they get cut from the team or conversely, how do you manage a big ego or bad attitude? How can you help your child get over a lack of confidence or motivate them so he or she can perform at their best? And importantly, how do you communicate with the coach when you really disagree with something?

The Inside Game Coaching Network, in conjunction with its annual education conference for sport coaches, will be organizing a workshop specifically for parents to answer these questions and many more. We have a line-up of experts, authors, sport psychologists, and ex-athletes who will answer your questions and guide you in better helping your child. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best so you can support your child in the best way possible!


Inside Game Coaching Network - Ecublens, Switzerland

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February 1 2018 - 13:15 - 17:00
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Swisstech Convention Center, Route Louis-Favre 2, 1024 Ecublens

PROGRAM: (Eng/Fre with translation)

Time Topic Speaker
12:15 - 13:15 Lunch (optional) -
13:15 - 14:00 Advice for parents to support your child in sport John O'Sullivan (USA), author of 'Changing the Game', TedX speaker, advisor for sport parents
14:00 -14:30 Nutrition et Supplements, Protein, Amino Acids, and other supplements. Does my child really need this? Ella Odman, Nutritionist GSHC
14:30 -15:00 Early Specialization in Sport: The risks and benefits, Panel Discussion and Q&A John O'Sullivan (USA), Kris Van Der Haegen (Belgium), Dean Kriellaars (Canada), Jean Coté (Canada)
15:00 I. Presentation: Mindfulness (French) - OR - II. Workshop: Developing Confidence I. Dr. Mattia Piffarett (Swiss/Fre) / II. Mario Antonelli (Swiss/Eng)
15:30 - 16:00 Break -
16:00 -17:00 Schools/Contracts/Agents? How do I navigate my child’s future? TBA

Note: Participation will be limited to 30 people and registrations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Inside Game Coaching Network reserves the right to cancel if there is insufficient participation.

The price (CHF 70.-) includes participation in the Parent’s Workshop, course materials, coffee break and the book: Parent Do’s & Don’ts.The price is CHF 100.- in case you want to join for lunch.

To sign up for this day, please click "select" and in the "comments" box indicate if you want join for lunch.


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