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Anzère, Les Collons in Switzerland

Holiday Camps for kids aged 9+

Jeunesse et Camps organise camps with socio-educational objectives that take place during the school holidays. Its core values focus in particular on 4 pillars of society:

  • Prevention of addiction through promotion of health through exemplary behaviour. The menu choices available favour healthy food and proximity for the sake of ecology and conservation
  • Developing a sense of environmentalism by providing examples of behaviour that is beneficial to our planet. Sorting waste and recycling, keeping active, saving energy, etc.
  • All of our supervisors are experts in the use of non-violent communication, with the hopes of passing this knowledge on to our participants. It is no longer a matter of asserting one's authority by punishment, but of helping to express one's feelings whilst respecting everyone.
  • Awareness of the importance of values that we hold dear, such as tolerance, friendship, empathy, respect for oneself, others and nature, fighting against exclusion and marginalisation, etc.

The essence of well-being of young people rests primarily on these four pillars, irrespective of their past, age, social or intellectual skills, needs and expectations: Self-esteem and self-confidence.


Jeunesse & Camps - Yvonand, Switzerland

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Camp: it's happening at the lake
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La salle polyvalente, Chemin des Cerisiers 3, 1462 Yvonand

For children aged 9 to 12 years old.

A one week camp of activities, all day and all night, to enjoy and have fun while making lots of friends!

The children will spend time at the lake, in the lake, and on the lake. With an initiation day with a sailing boat and an end of day at the Yverdon swimming pool. All kinds of games will be played around the salle polyvalente at Yvonand, ideal for this camp with the kids.

To get to the camp, it is possible to have the children accompanied by camp monitors on the train, for both the departure and arrival from different train stations in Swiss Romandie to avoid expensive and environmentally-unfriendly travel. Ticket prices are not included in the price of the camp.

Departure (14 July):

  • Geneva Meet at 14:15 on platform 4 to leave at 14:30
  • Morges Meet at 14:45 on platform 3 to leave at 15:00
  • Aigle Meet at 14:15 on platform 2 to leave at 14:36
  • Vevey Meet at 14:45 on platform 1 to leave at 14:55
  • Lausanne Meet at 15:00 on platform 5 to leave at 15:30
  • Bienne Meet at 15:00 on platform 5 to leave at 15:16
  • Neuchâtel Meet at 15:30 on platform 3 to leave at 15:34
  • Yverdon Meet at 16:05 on platform 3 to leave at 16:18
  • Yvonand Meet at 16:15 on platform 2 to leave at 16:25

Arrival (20 July):

  • Genève Pick up at 15:30 on platform 3
  • Morges Pick up at 14:58 on platform 2
  • Aigle Pick up at 15:22 on platform 1
  • Vevey Pick up at 15:03 on platform 2
  • Lausanne Pick up at 14:27 on platform 4
  • Bienne Pick up at 14:43 on platform 3
  • Neuchâtel Pick up at 14:24 on platform 5
  • Yverdon Pick up at 13:43 on platform 3
  • Yvonand Pick up at 13:30 on platform 2

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