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Get fit, lose weight, train for an event, recover from an injury

Peak Fitness offers a fresh approach to improving health and fitness. It blends the exhilaration of being predominately outdoors with fitness exercises and techniques that are truly focused on you as an individual and are proven to deliver results. Training outdoors is a total body and soul workout that will leave you feeling alert, refreshed and uplifted.

Kate Brown founded Peak Fitness because she is passionate about helping people achieve more than they think is possible. She has 10+ years experience as a fully qualified trainer and has built a reputation working with both amateur athletes and non-athletes who are 40 plus, helping them to be the very best they can be.


Peak Fitness - Geneva, Switzerland

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1hr Outdoor Fitness Workouts
120.00 CHF
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Be energised. Switzerland with its beautiful lakes and snow-capped mountains provides the perfect playground for outdoor personal fitness training. Peak Fitness combines the latest sports equipment like kettle bells and TRX suspension training with outdoor activities. Choose from nordic walking, trail running, biking, hiking and skiing to energise your spirit as well as your body.

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1hr Nutritional Advice
120.00 CHF
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"Fuelling yourself with processed food is like putting diesel in your Ferrari."

What you eat is as important as taking regular exercise when ensuring total health and wellbeing. Whether you want to manage your weight, eat for optimum health and vitality or improve your sporting performance, Peak Fitness offers food diary analysis and advice to support your healthy eating. This is available separately or as a component of the Peak Fitness packages.

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1hr Injury Prevention & Rehab
120.00 CHF
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Take charge of your wear and tear.

Peak Fitness takes a proactive, preventative approach towards injuries, many of which develop over time through the normal stresses of life, training or sporting activities.

Wouldn't it be nice if the next time your body complained with a niggling ache you knew how to prevent it getting worse? Or even better, what if your regular exercise regime included exercises that reduced the chances of you developing injuries?

Teaching you more about how your body works is an integral aspect of the way Peak Fitness works.

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The Quick Fix
340.00 CHF
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This makes an ideal gift. It gives you a flavour of how working with a Personal Trainer can add value to your workouts. This works particularly well for people who already exercise regularly and are motivated to train unsupported.

Divided into 3 sessions it includes:

  • A health and fitness appraisal
  • An action plan to take away

The Running Programme
900.00 CHF
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"We run for our hearts and our bones, to melt away body fat and steel up strength, to prevent illness and to extend life." Claire Kowalchik - The Complete book of Running for Women

This package is aimed at people who think they aren’t runners, those new to running, those who want to get back into running after having a break and those who would like to train for a particular event. It is also ideal for those looking to transition to more ‘natural’ or minimalist running styles.’

Divided into 8 sessions it includes:

  • running gait analysis & injury risk profile
  • 6 one-to-one supported training sessions
  • an action plan for you to take away

Learn proven techniques to conquer hills, increase your speed and transform your running. You don’t have to be a runner already; you just need the desire to succeed.

The Total Makeover
1100.00 CHF
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This is a superb confidence builder that kick starts you into healthy, sustainable habits. It’s a holistic package that focuses on your total wellbeing.

Divided into 10 sessions it includes:

  • A fully comprehensive health & fitness appraisal
  • An exercise programme that is continuously modified to produce maximum results
  • 6 one-to-one supported training sessions
  • A nutritional analysis and healthy eating action plan
  • 1 massage session or fitness reassessment

Be energised and transform yourself!


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