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Nyon in Switzerland

PlayPilates for both women and men

PlayPilates offers one of the highest quality Pilates training in the area.

  • Personal one-on-one Pilates training sessions (something you will not find at your local fitness center) with professional and highly qualified Pilates trainers.
  • Small and more intimate group classes where the instructor is able to give personal attention and corrections and help ensure everyone is getting the most out of the class.
  • A fully equipped studio with the full range of Apparatus that allows you to practice the entire Pilates Method as Joseph Pilates intended. (Many fitness centers and some pilates studios only offer part of the method or teach it as a fusion with other methods, so it’s impossible to receive the full benefit of Pilates when it is taught in that fashion).
  • Teachers at PlayPilates are required to be fully certified or currently be pursuing a certification through a high standard and accredited program (600+ hours of training minimum).


PlayPilates - Crans-près-Céligny, Switzerland

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Private lesson
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Rue des Belles-Filles 9, 1299 Crans-près-Céligny

Are you curious and want One trial? This is an opportunity to experience real Pilates first hand. In this one session you will have a strong flavour and a good idea of what to expect going forward and mainly to experience Pilates on the apparatus. You will also have the opportunity to discuss all their workout options and what best suits your needs.

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4 private lessons
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Rue des Belles-Filles 9, 1299 Crans-près-Céligny

This package is a great introduction to Pilates and a good start to a regular workout. Your instructor will give you the hands-on guidance you need to get introduced to the apparatus and get acquainted with the Pilates detailed instructions. You can then decide to stay with private sessions or move into a Duet, a Trio or a Group class.

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3 private lessons and 1 group lesson
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In stock CHF 330.00 23rd August 2019 06:42
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Rue des Belles-Filles 9, 1299 Crans-près-Céligny

Interested in joining the Small Group Classes? Start out with these 3 one on one sessions to give you a very good introduction to real Pilates and set you up for an efficient workout in a Group class setting. This helpful initial investment will get you acquainted with the apparatus set up and safety and ensure better results once you join the classes. 

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