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Do you ever feel that life is flying by? In everday life, it is common to feel stuck and restless. To resolve this, we recommend you try nei gong, a meditative sport that focuses on breathing. Taking a small amount of time out of you every day life to exercise peacefully has been proven to greatly aid and improve mental and physical health and strength. At TIQ 2 Sports, we gather up nei gong clubs and trainers who are qualified to instruct you in this relaxing sport. Our providers ensure a wide range of classes for various age groups, skill levels, and timetables, so that there is something for everyone – including you.

If you are looking to enrol, why wait? Hop on to today and compare and choose the right option for you. Once done, you can book a slot in minutes through our hassle-free process. Feel free to write to us at or make use of our online chat service to get all your queries answered. If required, you can also talk to the nei gong experts before you choose to enrol their services. We look forward to being of service to you in your quest to attain a fit body through nei gong.

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