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There is no doubt that swimming is an excellent way to keep your body fit. It is however, a very lonely sport and therefore, requires a lot of motivation to pursue. Swimming in the wrong way can also cause some very annoying injuries that can cause long term damage to the arms and legs. All of this makes it a great idea to swim with trained swimmers, who both give you company as well ensure that you do not harm your body while in the water.

At TIQ 2 Sports, we provide you with such options that can make your swimminf experience a lot more fun. Do you want to swim to keep fit? Are you a competitive short/long distance swimming looking to be in shape? Your motivation might be any of the above, we have courses to satisfy all of it. With courses that are customised for the season and are flexible enough to take care of your schedules; we present solutions to cater all your needs.

Be it summer, winter or spring, do not postpone your swimming plans. Log on to our portal and book a swimming course through us ASAP! For any queries, feel free to write to us at info@tiq2sports.com or use our online chat service. If required, you could also consult the swimming experts before you choose to enrol. We look forward to being of service to you and contributing in your journey towards fitness through swimming.