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Route de Bonmont 31, Cheserex - Switzerland

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Autumn Camps
From 280.00 CHF
Weekly Group Lessons
From 500.00 CHF
Private Lessons
From 85.00 CHF

Route Suisse 7, Etoy - Switzerland

Autumn Camps
From 200.00 CHF
Weekly lessons
From 28.00 CHF
Private Lessons
From 100.00 CHF

Puidoux in Switzerland

Indoor Tennis in Puidoux
From 850.00 CHF

Geneva in Switzerland

Private lessons
From 70.00 CHF

Chavannes-de-Bogis in Switzerland

Geneva, Mies, Vaud, Versoix in Switzerland

Group lessons
From 30.00 CHF
Semi private lessons
From 50.00 CHF
Private lessons
From 90.00 CHF

Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

Tennis camps and lessons for adults and kids

Many of the clubs and trainers on TIQ 2 Sports offer tennis training specially geared towards children. This can mean that they have groups for children in the same age groups and of the same level. Usually, the younger children start playing with soft balls and on a smaller field (the service area). By doing so, it’s possible to focus the tennis coaching on the technique. Gradually they move further away from the net, and the balls get heavier as well. Your child might ask him/herself: how do I ever learn tennis? Learning a new sport is always a question of a lot of practice. Therefore, next to the regular weekly tennis lessons, the holiday camps are a great means to get a lot of hours on the tennis court, hitting many, many balls, under the supervision of a dedicated tennis trainer. You will mostly find weekly camps, but in some cases there are also day camps offered. For the more advanced children, these camps also focus on the tactical part of the game, so the kids really know what to do, and what not to do, when playing a tennis game, be it a friendly match or one in a more official setting. Apart from the above, there will mostly be focus on physical exercises, specifically the tennis drills!

All in all, the Tennis Coach, Club or Academy will do their best to support your children in getting better in the sport of their choice.

Tennis for adults
Do you want to improve your forehand, backhand, volley, service, dropshot or smash? Want to be able to hit a proper topspin ball, or a better slice ball? Want to know how to win a tennis match? To cut it short: do you want to learn how to play, improve your technique and have fun at the same time? Check out the various clubs and trainers on TIQ 2 Sports, and look for those who give adult tennis lessons, in groups or private.

Select the club or trainer of your choice on TIQ 2 Sports and book a lesson!