Sport trainers and clubs for "Full-day Camps"

Carouge, Coppet, Geneva, Meyrin in Switzerland

5 reviews
Fall Camp
From 80.00 CHF
Weekly lessons in Geneva
From 200.00 CHF
Weekly lessons in Coppet
From 200.00 CHF

Chemin de Bahyse , Blonay - Switzerland

5 reviews

Le Mont-sur-Lausanne in Switzerland

3 reviews
Autumn camps
From 300.00 CHF

Morgins in Switzerland

2 reviews
Mountain Bike Race
From 30.00 CHF

Collège Arnold-Reymond, Chemin du Fau-Blanc 15, Pully - Switzerland

2 reviews
Boys Only Camp
From 120.00 CHF
Girls Only Camp
From 120.00 CHF
Private and Small Group Lessons
From 25.00 CHF

Geneva, Vaud in Switzerland

2 reviews

- , Geneva - Switzerland

1 review
Multi-Sport Autumn Camp
From 680.00 CHF
Tennis + Multi Sports Autumn Camp
From 680.00 CHF

Route de Bonmont 31, Cheserex - Switzerland

1 review
Autumn Camps
From 280.00 CHF
Weekly Group Lessons
From 500.00 CHF
Private Lessons
From 85.00 CHF
SUP / Pilates
From 55.00 CHF
Private or Group Lessons (Kayak, Canoe, SUP, Pirogue kawan)
From 70.00 CHF
Motor Boat Courses
From 90.00 CHF

Aroga Yoga verified

Voralberg in Austria, Dolomite, Ischia in Italy, Bern in Switzerland

Yoga Workshops
From 0.00 CHF
Yoga Retreats
From 120.00 EUR

Route de la Repentance 90, Meinier - Switzerland

Marchissy in Switzerland

Circus lessons
From 80.00 CHF
Ballet lessons
From 80.00 CHF
Easter Circus Camp
From 180.00 CHF
Summer Circus Camps
From 220.00 CHF

Route de l'Etraz 48, Gland - Switzerland

Multi-disclipline Camp
From 120.00 CHF
Trick Lessons
From 50.00 CHF
Draft Horse Riding Lessons
From 60.00 CHF

Lausanne, Nyon, Versoix in Switzerland

Weekly Trainings
From 200.00 CHF
Autumn Camps
From 75.00 CHF
Birthday Parties
From 100.00 CHF

Versoix in Switzerland

Multi-Sport Camps
From 750.00 CHF
Annuel Membership
From 80.00 CHF

Anzère, Champéry, Prêles in Switzerland

Puidoux in Switzerland

Indoor Tennis in Puidoux
From 850.00 CHF

Cologny, Meyrin in Switzerland

From 130.00 CHF

Chemin de Pangires 26, Saint-Légier - Switzerland

La Dulive 2, Gland - Switzerland

Bougy-Villars in Switzerland

Stages Juniors
From 185.00 CHF
Cours pour Juniors
From 55.00 CHF
Cours pour Adultes
From 45.00 CHF
Special Promotion!
From 0.00 CHF

Saint-Luc in Switzerland

Camp in St. Luc

Evolène in Switzerland

Ski and Snowboard Camp
From 580.00 CHF

Basel in Switzerland

1-Day Workshop
From 170.00 CHF

Puidoux in Switzerland

From 985.00 CHF

Sottens, Switzerland

Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland