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Support athletes with disabilities

In 2018 Celine van Till created the association Tout est Possible. The Association aims to support disabled athletes from the beginning of the competition to the Paralympic level. To highlight the handicap, to give it visibility through the sport of competition and to contribute to a better insertion of the disabled people in our society. Everything is possible, for all and in all areas of life.


Association Tout est Possible - Grand-Lancy, Switzerland

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Chemin de la Compostelle 14, 1212 Grand-Lancy

Celine van Till created this organization because she wants to help other athletes with disabilities and continue to work for our society.

In addition, disability is still a term perceived as depreciating and it still has a negative connotation. The assocation would like to show, through high performance sport, the potential of disability. It's a way of showing the value of disabilities to our society! It is a challenge at the beginning that strengthens us and will give us additional qualities in life. This is being made concrete thanks to an exceptional will and an iron determination!

Today, members have joined a support committee for athletes, a shared atmosphere, values ​​of determination, solidarity and commitment.

They need you.

Financial contributions are intended for:

  • Creation of events related to disabled athletes.
  • Support and career management advice to Celine van Till and athletes with disabilities selected by the Committee.
  • Organization of events and related ancillary projects related to sport and disability and selected by the Committee.
  • In support of other inclusive sport and disability projects selected by the Committee.

You can make a donation for the amount you want or become a member for CHF 100.- or GOLD member for CHF 300.-! On behalf of the committee, we thank you very much for your support!

To make a donation or become a member, please click 'select', fill in the required fields and under 'comments' indicate the amount you wish to donate. Based on this, you will receive an invoice.

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General Meeting
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La Maison Dufour, Rue de Contamines 9A, 1206 Geneva

On behalf of the committee of Association Tout est Possible, we are happy to invite you (or to remind you) to its first General Meeting which will be held in an unforgettable and rewarding event!

The evening will start at 18:30 (welcome as of 18:15).

On this occasion the organization will be presented, as well as achievements and planned actions of our association. Two interventions of athletes with disabilities will follow the official part:

  • Thibault Trancart, blind skier, goal 2022: the Paralympic Games!
  • Pascal Fumeaux, amputated triathlete, goal 2019: crossing of Lake Murten and resumption of triathlon

At the end of this event, you will be able to interact with the sportsmen, the committee and the members over a drink.

This event is open to the public, upon registration. It will then be possible to become a member and/or make a donation during this event.

If you are interested to join this meeting, please click 'select' and fill in the required information.


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