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The aim of Yoga Flame is to bring the knowledge and practice of Hot Yoga to Lausanne, offering classes in an environmentally-friendly room. Everyone is warmly welcomed to come and discover the multiple dimensions of yoga in a safe environment.

Hot Yoga increases mental focus, calms the mind, improves flexibility and muscle tone, promotes healing through postures that strengthen muscles, builds endurance through a cardiovascular workout, while eliminating toxins and purifying the skin, which all contribute to boosting vitality by improving the metabolism and the immune system of the body.

All of the teachers are fully certified yoga and/or pilates instructors. An open exchange between the teachers and members is encouraged to create a collaborative and harmonious atmosphere in the studio. Tremendous value is placed on self-respect and the mutual respect of all members. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback with the Yoga Flame team. Becoming part of the Yoga Flame community means adopting a lifestyle which promotes a healthy body and mind. Each and every person has their individuality and their own unique body and all of the classes have a positive influence on physical and psychological well-being adapted to you.


Yoga Flame - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Summer Retreat in the Alps
595.00 CHF
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In stock CHF 595.00 24th January 2019 11:57
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Chalet Rosablanche, Le Bleusy 1997 Haute-Nendaz

Yoga Flame takes you to Haute Nendaz to fill up with nature and good energy!

This year, Yoga Flame shares a magical place with you, up in the mountains, with streams to explore, trees to kiss, creeks to climb and birds to greet. They invite you to a unique experience combining yoga retreat, hiking and climbing all hosted in a beautiful cottage filled with history and authenticity.

Meals will be prepared by Selina. She has been cooking for yoga retreats since 2011 and enjoys the wonderful synergy created between yoga asana and meditation classes and the creation of meals for retired participants.

The program will be as follows:

Thursday 7th of June

  • 6pm – 8pm Welcoming you at the Chalet
  • 8pm Dinner

Friday 8th of June

  • 7:30am Morning smoothie
  • 8am – 10am Opening circle and arm balance workshop with Carole
  • 10am – 11am Brunch
  • 11am – 4pm Climbing initiation with Mattias
  • 5pm – 6pm Small break and munchies
  • 6pm – 7:30pm Yin & Music with Ludmila
  • 8pm – 9pm Dinner
  • 9pm Yoga Nidra with Pascal

Saturday 9th of June

  • 7:30am Morning smoothie
  • 8am – 10am Workshop chanting and backbends with Ludmila
  • 10am – 11am Brunch
  • 12am – 5pm Hiking in local "Blisses"
  • 5pm – 6pm Small break and munchies
  • 6pm – 7:30pm Satsang
  • 8:00pm Special night "Spécialités Valaisannes"

Sunday 10th of June

  • 8:30am Morning smoothie
  • 9:00am – 10:30am Inversions workshop with Pascal
  • 10:30am – 11:00am Closing circle
  • 11:30am – 1pm Brunch & Leaving

The price is all inclusive.

To book, click 'select', fill out the form and indicate at the comments section your room preferences, diet and your size.

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Welcome offer - unlimited classes for 2 weeks
Original price 78.00 CHF 70.00 CHF
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In stock CHF 70.00 24th January 2019 11:57
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Boulevard de Grancy 1, 1006 Lausanne

Exclusive price for bookings on TIQ 2 Sports: 70.- CHF.

For all ages and levels, unlimited classes for 2 weeks!

This is the perfect offer for you if you are new to yoga and pilates and are looking to try them out, without committing to a full membership.

Classes are available in the following:

  • Hot Yoga: made up of postures specific to each of the 4 styles offered at Yoga Flame:
    • Bikram style: work each and every muscle, tendon, organ, and bone to improve body flexibility and cleanse and release toxins
    • Fierce Grace® style: a combination of Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga yoga, to achieve muscular work, and deep relaxation with focus on alignment, power and flexibility
    • Barkan style: flow from one posture to another to stretch and strengthen the various areas of the body and bring balance and vitality
    • Hatha style: a series of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) followed by a series of Hot Yoga poses, working on both flexibility and strength, to improve alignment and enhance concentration and focus
  • Hot Pilates: incorporating spiral rotations and pulsing movements targeting different areas of the body, to strengthen your entire body and stabilise muscles
  • Warm/Hot Flow: continual and fluid movement between postures, developing strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance, finishing with the deep and relaxing final pose of Savasana
  • Warm Core: yoga poses that target abdominal muscles, arms and legs to build a solid base for your body and overall well-being
  • Tropical Yoga Dance: traditionally static Hatha Yoga poses are incorporated with tribal movements and elements inspired by contemporary dance
  • Yin: focuses on stretching and releasing deep connective tissues for extended periods of time, while bringing peace to the mind to increase mobility and self-awareness

The Yoga Flame team will contact you to set up your welcome offer schedule. One thing is for sure: they'd like you to try out as many classes as you can during these 2 weeks!

Please wear light sports clothes and bring with you a water bottle and shower towel (also available to rent for 2.- CHF). Yoga mats, mat and face towels, tea (and more) are available for use and included in the price.


The aim of TIQ 2 Sports is to connect you to the best sport experiences in your area.

At TIQ 2 Sports, we're working constantly to develop a network of trainers and clubs that we trust, like Yoga Flame. We cover over 30 sports, and currently have more than 100 Trainers and Clubs in Switzerland waiting for you. Find out more about Body & Soul, Yoga, Pilates or other sports in Lausanne, Haute-Nendaz.

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