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You still use paper, pen, email and phone which is a hassle. However, you do not want to spend your time and money on expensive programs that require a lot of training.

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Testimonials from our partners

Thabo Sefolosha

NBA Basketball player

"We are now working with TIQ 2 Sports, for the camp registration process! If you are looking for a sports camp in Switzerland, we can only recommend you to visit TIQ 2 Sports."

Roman Jahoda

Former world-level judoka

"My life is sports. Having a platform where people can find the trainers and specialists they are looking for is great. It will stimulate the whole community to do more sports and to do better. I support TIQ 2 Sports fully."

Carla Ribeiro

Owner of Playball

"Our clients have been delighted with the ease of booking a course. Since TIQ 2 Sports has a multi sport focus, the amount of people tempted to visit the platform is huge. Thank you for bringing in new clients and for offering such a great service to them."

Watch how Camp Thabo Sefolosha managed to find 30 to 40 new clients and save 70 hours of work with TIQ2Sports.

We have collected feedback from over 500 consumers and this is what they are saying:

  • SEARCHING TAKES FOREVER — even if you find a trainer, it's still unclear what the exact offer is.
  • EVERY WEBSITE IS DIFFERENT — they all differ in form, set-up and information.
  • GETTING IN TOUCH IS DIFFICULT — you need to call during office hours, and when you do the trainer is often not available to pick up the phone.

Finding and booking a sports lesson is often time-consuming, outdated and stressful.
We are making it as simple as booking a hotel or restaurant online.

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About TIQ2Sports
TIQ2Sports wants to help everyone be active in sports by taking away the difficult search for a right fit. We're constantly developing a curated network of trainers and clubs that we trust, building a solid network that's quick and easy to reach



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