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TIQ2Sports is an online sports platform that links consumers with providers, thereby fulfilling its mission of connecting people to sports.

TIQ2Sports helps you grow your business. This is what you get if you become a provider on TIQ2Sports.


  • Have your own page on TIQ2Sports where your details as a sports provider and all your offers (e.g., your weekly lessons, camps, memberships etc…) are displayed
    • Your page will be available both in French and English (possible in German as well)
  • Give us your instructions and we keep your page up to date
    • The link to your own website/phone number is shown of course


  • Get exposed to your target audience and are connected to potential clients who visit the site
  • Receive marketing advice on the best way to present your offers
  • Have the possibility to run promotional campaigns - which we will make for you!
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews
  • Are connected to other providers
  • Are part of the TIQ2Sports community!


  • Have an admin tool that takes care of your sign-ups/ invoicing /online payments via an automated email system
  • Multiple committee members can get access
  • Receive access to downloadable sheet with aggregated sign-up info
  • Start immediately, there is no training needed. The admin tool is user friendly and very accessible

Try to think of TIQ2Sports as your personal assistant that advertises your offers for you and takes care of your registrations, sign-ups and invoices!


'Facilitated administration, new clients, halved our workload, great service!'

"Our field hockey club HCLC in Rolle has been using TIQ2Sports for a year now and it has facilitated the administration so much. The system is very user friendly for both the clubs which provide the offers as well as the people who would like to book the courses. In addition TIQ2Sports enhances the visibility of our club and makes it easy for people in the proximity to find us. A big thanks to Laura and her team for providing such a great platform and making it accessible for small, local clubs with limited budgets."

Britta Warner

Hockey Club La Cote

"TIQ2Sports is an excellent service, easy for clients to use and very easy to update details and track payments. I have also gained a lot of new clients through the easy to use search option on the website. Thank you TIQ2Sports!"

Greg Whibley

Owner Coerver Coaching Football

"The platform has halved our workload and we’ve had lots of praise from our members on how quick and easy it is to signup. The team are very supportive and follow the data closely, extremely helpful and readily available. Well done & thank you TIQ2Sports, great tool, great service!"

Diane Valentin

USTS Coppet

Tired of struggling to reach your target audience or of managing all your sign-ups and invoices? TIQ2Sports is the solution you are looking for.

These providers already use TIQ2Sports


Chaumaz World Archery center Village Camps Tennis Club Nyon Thabo Sefolosha Camps Netball federation

From* CHF 199

Fixed yearly fee

Your own page with all your offers, kept up-to-date during the year.

2 languages (English + French/German)

CHF 99

One-off set up fee

We make your page - you do not worry.

You only need to approve.


Per booking

We are a team, so no fees per booking.

*Most of the pages cost CHF 199.- p/year. If you would need additional features, like Stripe integration, additional fields on the booking form and similar, we charge a bit more. This will be discussed upfront, depending on your needs.

You focus on your sport and TIQ2Sports takes care of the communication and administation for you!


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bookings per year

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