The Advantages of being part of TIQ2Sports

  1. 1LOOKING FOR NEW CLIENTS? — you know that being in touch only with your current clients is not enough to keep your business going.
  2. 2WANT FULL CLASSES AND CAMPS? — of course, if they aren't full, you are missing out on income.
  3. 3LOSING TOO MUCH TIME WITH EVERYTHING BUT TEACHING SPORTS? — you still use 'paper, pen, email and phone' which is a hassle. However, you do not want to spend your time and money on expensive programs that require a lot of training.

With a bookable listing on TIQ2Sports you reach thousands of people looking for sports lessons, camps or memberships.

Finding and booking a sports lesson is often time-consuming, outdated and stressful.
We are making it as simple as booking a hotel or restaurant online.

Watch how Camp Thabo Sefolosha managed to find 30 to 40 new clients and save 70 hours of work with TIQ2Sports.

We have collected feedback from over 500 consumers and this is what they are saying:

  • SEARCHING TAKES FOREVER — even if you find a trainer, it's still unclear what the exact offer is.
  • EVERY WEBSITE IS DIFFERENT — they all differ in form, set-up and information.
  • GETTING IN TOUCH IS DIFFICULT — you need to call during office hours, and when you do the trainer is often not available to pick up the phone.

How it works

1. Sign up for a quick call

Let's chat so we can create your page on TIQ2Sports

2. You pay

A fixed price, no percentage per booking and no surprises!

CHF 199.- p/year
CHF 189.- 99.- one time setup fee
CHF 149.- promo-pack (optional)

3. You receive a draft of your page

For your eyes only - check out what we made for you. Let us know if you need any changes.

4. Your page goes live

Your page on TIQ2Sports can be shared with the world

5. Bookings come in

New clients can find you, and can book your groups lessons, private lessons, camps, club membership and all that you offer.

6. Everyone is happy

You have received money upon reservation, or send out the invoice with 1 click - and can focus on your trainings again!
Customers have a much easier time finding you and booking your lessons.

This is what your colleagues are saying about TIQ2Sports

Thabo Sefolosha  - picture by Valérie Badan

Thabo Sefolosha
NBA Basketballspieler

"Wir arbeiten jetzt mit TIQ 2 Sports, für unsere Lagerregistrierung! Wenn Sie ein Sportlager in der Schweiz suchen, können wir Ihnen TIQ 2 Sports nur empfehlen."

Roman Jahoda

Roman Jahoda
Ehemaliger Weltniveau Judoka

"Mein Leben ist Sport. Eine Plattform, wo die Menschen die Trainer und Spezialisten die sie suchen finden können, ist großartig. Es wird die ganze Gemeinschaft anregen, mehr Sport zu machen und besser zu werden. Ich unterstütze TIQ 2 Sport voll."

Carla Ribeiro

Carla Ribeiro
Besitzer von Playball

"TIQ 2 Sports war sehr gut für uns potenzielle Kunden zu finden. Da TIQ 2 Sports einen Multi-Sport-Fokus hat ist die Menge der Menschen, die die Plattform besuchen riesig. Vielen Dank für die neuen Kunden."

Curtis Langui

Curtis Langui
Gründer von Roller Genève

"Diese Plattform ist ideal für eine einfache Registrierung. Ich liebe es und freute mich das TIQ 2 Sports Team zu treffen, das ist wirklich toll!"

About TIQ2Sports
TIQ2Sports wants to help everyone be active in sports by taking away the difficult search for a right fit. We're constantly developing a curated network of trainers and clubs that we trust, building a solid network that's quick and easy to reach