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Our ambassadors support TIQ2Sports because they love its goal: making it easy for people to find and practice a sport.

They practice a sport at a high level, or did this in the past. Every day they experience the positive effect of sports on their life. It is good for your body, mind and spirit. It teaches you to set goals, to push yourself, to be patient, to work together, to become a leader and many many other things.

Our ambassadors want other people to experience this as well. That's why they join TIQ2Sports in activities to show how good sports can be for you.

Roman Jahoda

Roman Jahoda – Geschäftsführer bei ComplexCore

  • Mehrmaliger Gewinner der Judo-Weltmeisterschaft
  • Mehrmaliger Österreichischer Judo-Sieger
  • Wettkämpfer vieler Welt- und Europäischen-Judo-Meisterschaften
Roman Jahoda

Slaven Dizdarević – Gründer von Association 6

  • Begründer von Association 6, eine internationale Non-Profit-Organisation die gegen Homophobie in der Welt des Sports kämpft, und sich für sichtbare Gleichheit im Sport engagiert
  • Olympischer Zehnkämpfer, Peking 2008
  • Geschäftsleiter bei Kids Athletics
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