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Photo World Archery Excellence Centre, Lausanne - Schweiz

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Bogenschießen Lausanne

kids Jugendliche Erwachsene auf Englisch auf Französisch Lager Privatunterricht

So; if you are looking to enrol in an archery club; why wait? It’s time to pick up a bow on arrow! Hop on to, compare the various clubs and courses and choose the best one for you. Having done that, you can book a slot for yourself or your children within minutes, thanks to our hassle-free process. Feel free to write to us at or make use of our online chat service to get all your questions answered. If required, you can also talk to the archery instructor before you choose to enrol their services. We look forward to being of service to you and we wish you the best hitting the bullseye!

If you’re interested in archery and are looking for an archery club in the Lausanne/Geneva region, you’ve come to the right place! At TIQ 2 Sports, we try to get the best archery clubs within Switzerland on our platform. Archery may be a weekend hobby for you or a serious sport that you pursue; whatever it may be, the clubs on TIQ 2 Sports will satisfy your needs. The clubs chosen by TIQ 2 Sports ensure flexible schedules, different skills levels and small groups in order to guarantee every participant gets enough attention from the instructor.

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