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Photo USTS Field Hockey, Coppet - Schweiz

USTS Field Hockey geprüft

Hockey Coppet

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kids Jugendliche Erwachsene auf Englisch auf Französisch Lager
Photo Hockey Club La Côte, Rolle - Schweiz

Hockey Club La Côte geprüft

Hockey Rolle

kids auf Englisch auf Französisch
Photo Neuchâtel Hockey Club, Neuchâtel - Schweiz

Neuchâtel Hockey Club

Hockey Neuchâtel

Unfortunately, this provider is not yet part of the TIQ 2 Sports booking network.

Are you a fan of field hockey? Would you like to start playing hockey yourself? Do you wish to expand your existing field hockey skills? Are you looking for local amateur uni-hockey leagues within Lausanne/Geneva? At TIQ 2 Sports, we have the solutions for you. We have teamed up with some of the best professionals and experts in both indoor and outdoor fields, who provide trainings for all age categories as well as an opportunity to practice the sport.

The clubs on TIQ 2 Sports understand the challenge of training for field hockey which relies on exceptional physical and mental strength. Trainings are multi-lingual, and with a variety of schedules on offer, you can pick and choose based on what suits you the best. These clubs also keep an eye on training hockey players and making them ready for professional competition. With a thriving hockey league available in Switzerland, it makes sense to track player development closely and make them ready for competition.

So, if you are interested in a career in field hockey or uni-hockey, or want to play just for fun, or are a parent looking for the best hockey resources for your child, just visit us at TIQ 2 Sports and we can offer you some of the best. Our simple interface makes it easy for you to go through all available options, compare them and find the best for you. You can also book a training slot through our hassle-free process. Do not wait too long, and make your decision now!

For any queries, feel free to write to us at or use our online chat service. We look forward to helping you/your child in his/her quest to becoming a hockey talent to reckon with!

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