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Pilates for adults and children

Are you a pilates enthusiast? Do you think pilates is the best way to keep fit? Are you actively looking for a pilates Club in the Lausanne/Geneva region? If yes, we might have the right solution for you. A unique system of stretching, lengthening and strengthening exercises, pilates can give your body the strong core it needs to excel at competitive sports, or just to keep healthy. It uses the unique approach of the mind controlling the muscles, thus ensuring that the mind and the body are working in harmony.

At TIQ 2 Sports, our endeavour is to get the best pilates clubs within the Lausanne/Geneva region on to our portal, so that the customers are offered the best of all available options. Classes are made available for beginners as well as for experts; with different schedules offered to help you make time from your professional lives.

If you are looking to enrol, why wait? Hop on to www.tiq2sports.com today and compare and choose the right option for you. Once done, you can book a slot in minutes through our hassle-free process. Feel free to write to us at info@tiq2sports.com or make use of our online chat service to get all your queries answered. If required, you can also talk to the pilates experts before you choose to enrol their services. We look forward to being of service to you in your quest to attain a fit body through pilates.