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Is your child interested in lots of different sports and loves to learn? At TIQ 2 Sports, we have solutions for you: playball! The highly experienced trainers and clubs on the website use innovative methods to encourage your child to try a variety of new sports and techniques. Our endeavour is to get the best playball clubs and coaches in the Lausanne/Geneva region on one platform and make all them easily available to you, our customer.

During playball classes and camps the children will learn not only one specific sport, but multiple, allowing them to develop many skills that can be applied to sports and adapted to everyday life as well. We have a range of courses catering to different age categories and different likes and dislikes that are completely different from each other. This provides you with a variety of different options to choose from, and pick the best one that suits you. Our simple interface makes it easy for you to go through all available options, compare them and find the best for you. You can also book a class or camp through us by going through a hassle-free process. Do not wait too long, and make your decision now! For any queries, feel free to write to us at or use our online chat service.

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