Trainer und Vereine für "Osterlager"

Carouge, Coppet, Geneva, Genf, Meyrin in der Schweiz

5 Beurteilungen
Fall Camp
Von 80,00 CHF
Weekly lessons in Geneva
Von 200,00 CHF
Weekly lessons in Coppet
Von 200,00 CHF
Weekend Trainings
Von 50,00 CHF

Collège Arnold-Reymond, Chemin du Fau-Blanc 15, Pully - Schweiz

2 Beurteilungen
Girl Power Skills Camp
Von 120,00 CHF
Private and Small Group Lessons
Von 25,00 CHF

Route de Bonmont 31, Cheserex - Schweiz

1 Beurteilung
Autumn Camps
Von 280,00 CHF
Weekly Group Lessons
Von 500,00 CHF
Private Lessons
Von 85,00 CHF

Marchissy in der Schweiz

Circus lessons
Von 80,00 CHF
Ballet lessons
Von 80,00 CHF
Easter Circus Camp
Von 180,00 CHF
Summer Circus Camps
Von 220,00 CHF

Geneva, Nyon, Vaud, Versoix in der Schweiz

Weekly Trainings
Von 200,00 CHF
Birthday Parties
Von 100,00 CHF

Anzère, Champéry, Prêles in der Schweiz

Puidoux in der Schweiz

Indoor Tennis in Puidoux
Von 850,00 CHF

Chemin de Pangires 26, Saint-Légier - Schweiz

Bougy-Villars in der Schweiz

Stages Juniors
Von 185,00 CHF
Cours pour Juniors
Von 55,00 CHF
Cours pour Adultes
Von 45,00 CHF
Special Promotion!
Von 0,00 CHF

Basel in der Schweiz

Eintägiger Workshop
Von 170,00 CHF

Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Schweiz

Kids not at school at Easter? Find full or half day camps.

Easter is around the corner. Haven’t found a sports camp?

Try out new sports at Easter. Full day and half day camps.

Check out all possibilities - 30 different sports! Camps and lessons.

It’s Easter soon! During this period, children will be enjoying two weeks of Easter vacation. The exact dates of the Easter holidays vary for the children in different cantons. The canton of Vaud has spring break from 8 to 23 April. In the canton of Geneva and of Bas-Valais, the holidays will be from 13 to 21 April. During these school holidays, various sport trainers and clubs are offering holiday camps and courses.

TIQ 2 Sports was launched last year, in 2016, in Switzerland, aiming to simplify access to sports. TIQ 2 Sports is a platform where you can find a trainer, connect with your community, and complete your booking all in one place.

At the same time, we are on a mission to motivate youths to get moving. Integrating sports at a young age makes it so much easier to keep up with it as an adult. Participating in sports boosts confidence and self-esteem, helping to focus, connect and relax all at the same time.

We hope that TIQ 2 Sports helps you find the sports lesson, trainer, club or holiday camp that you are looking for, by offering you an overview of choices and reviews by athletes and parents.

At TIQ 2 Sports you can find anything from classes to half or full day camps for children (boys and girls), adolescents, and adults for group sports such as tennis, football, basketball, netball, sailing, athletics, dance, golf, hockey (field and ice), horse riding, skating, swimming, fitness, yoga, pilates, and running. Even if you’re looking for more private, individual classes we offer personal trainers and more! Taught in English, French, or otherwise, there is a club/course for everyone!

We are expanding our network of trainers and clubs daily so we can offer you more and more choices. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for any questions or suggestions you may have.