Afke van Mansum

NLP Life Coach & Hypnotist Afke van Mansum of Sports Hypnosis Training in Gingins welcomes you for a personal mental strength training program. Afke is certified on performance improvements with New Code NLP by NLP founder John Grinder, after doing a post-graduate in psychology. In addition, Afke followed extensive hypnosis trainings on pain management, addictions, anxiety and behavioural change work. The coaching sessions are in English, with a mix of French, German and Dutch if needed.

Together with Afke you decide what to work on: overcoming mental blocks around your chances to win, performance enhancement in a specific area, recovery and rehabilitation from injury and pain. Or, if you wish, a combination of these.

Sessions can be private or semi-private. Free intake sessions available!

Sports hypnosis enables you to fulfil your full sporting potential. As a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach, Afke is able to help you to hone your skills and overcome the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from performing at the top of your game.

Photo Afke van Mansum, Borex - Switzerland

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