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Open Mouvement - Dance Centre

Founded in 2016 by Paolo Giglio, the Open Mouvement dance school is based in Les Ateliers de la Côte complex in Etoy.

For the school, dance is more than a discipline. It is an art, an incredible and infinite communication tool. In a new 100m2 studio with state-of-the-art technology (floating floor, full-length mirrors, and quality sound installations) students are free to learn and progress in an open environment.

Open Mouvement offers a wide range of courses ranging from classical dance to street dance or from tango to cabaret. Of course, being in good shape is essential for practising dance, which is why the school also offers yoga, stretching or strengthening classes. Classes are open to people of all ages and are taught in French, English and Spanish.


Open Mouvement - Etoy, Switzerland

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Lessons 2019-2020 - studio in Etoy
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Route de Pallatex 5, 1163 Etoy

Open Mouvement offers lessons in the following dance classes:

  • Awakening and initiation to classical and contemporary dance (from 3 years)
  • classical dance (children, teenargers, adults)
  • contemporary dance (children, teenargers, adults)
  • modern-jazz (children, teenargers, adults)
  • musical comedy
  • hip hop/break dance (children, teenargers, adults)
  • street dance (children, teenargers, adults)
  • yoga
  • dansana (dance and yoga)
  • ground work
  • stretching
  • salsa (latino dance)
  • latine dance (solo)
  • ballroom dances (Waltz, tango, quick step...)
  • argentinian tango
  • pilates
  • broadway
  • oriental dance
  • bollywood
  • indian dance
  • bollyfit (Bollywood Fitness)
  • primitive expression
  • dance for seniors
  • dance for parent/child
  • cours privés
  • dance for weddings and private parties

You can consult the 2019/2020 schedule here.

Please see the table below for an overview of the class prices.

Lessons/week as of 3 years old (in CHF and per month) as of 8 years old (in CHF and per month) as of 14 years old (in CHF and per month)
1 lesson 79 89 95
2 lessons 145 165 180
3 lessons - 220 230
4 lessons - 270 280
All lessons package - 310 320


Other options Price (in CHF)
Single lesson 30
Private lesson (max. 2 perons) 120


Cards Price (in CHF)
10 lessons 280
20 lessons 500


5% (as of the 2°member) and 10% (as of the 3°member) DISCOUNT : For adults and children, members of the same family living in the same household.

The rates mentioned above are monthly, spread over 10 months.

All prices mentioned are valid for an annual registration from September to June.

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEES: Each school year (September to June) a fee of 30.- CHF​ is collected at the time of registration.

If you are interested in a lesson, click 'select' and complete the form. In the 'comments' box, please indicate the course of your choice, the day and time of preference and the type of package of your choice (ex: 2 lessons/week, single course or 20 course card). If you have a discount due to a family member already registered, please give his name. Your invoice will be adjusted​ accordingly.


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