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The Ski Club of Bussigny is called "La Boule de Neige" with the abbreviation "SCBN". The goal is to promote sports, its initiation, to develop the spirit of camaraderie, to favour human contacts and to improve overall health by its practice. The objectives are to encourage winter activities, promote recreational sport by supporting measures to increase safety all the while respecting nature.

The club is composed of a committee of enthusiasts who organize events during the season, such as: family weekends, a dozen outings (Saturday) and 2 ski-snowboard camps. The "Mini-camp" from 27 to 30 December to learn (6 years old, non-member) and the "Camp des Relâches" in Vaud (6 - 18 years). As a member, or even a non-member, you can take part in the variety of activities this season 2018 - 2019.


Ski-Club de Bussigny - La Boule de Neige - Bussigny, Switzerland

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Membership 2019 - 2020
From 65.00 CHF
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Case Postale 418, 1030 Bussigny

Become a member of the Ski Club and participate in many ski/snowboard trips during the season.

Members also benefit from reduced prices for the ski camps.

The summary table below shows you the costs of registration and annual contributions, depending on your age.


Type of member

Registration costs (CHF)

Annual membership fee (CHF)

Actif Members and veterans
as of 18 years

20 95

Junior Members
16 and 17 years

15 80

Child Members
8 and 15 years

10 65

Child Members
until 7 years

10 0

For couples
actif members

35 165

For children part of family

5 10

Passif Members
without transport

- 75


To become a member of SCBN, click on 'select' and complete the form.


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Reviewed booking: Day camp for children December

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