Mental Coaching

Photo MVG Coaching, Cossonay - Switzerland

MVG Coaching


Mental Strength Coaching
Photo Sarah Sophro, Gland - Switzerland

Sarah Sophro

Body & Soul Gland

Sophrology in a group or at home
Photo Afke van Mansum, Borex - Switzerland

Afke van Mansum

Body & Soul, Personal Training Borex

Personal Mental Strength Training
Photo Antoine Prud'homme,  -

Antoine Prud'homme

Wellbeing before performance!
Photo You Thrive, Coppet - Switzerland

You Thrive


Physical, Mental and Emotional Coaching
Photo Youniting, Geneva - Switzerland



Optimise your sports or professional performance

Are you looking for someone who can help you feel better mentally to optimise your sports performance? Finding a coach might be the solution for you.

TIQ2Sports is a platform where you can find a trainer, connect with your community, and complete your booking all in one place.

At the same time, we are on a mission to motivate youth to get moving. Integrating sports at a young age makes it so much easier to keep up with it as an adult. Participating in sports boosts confidence and self-esteem, helping to focus, connect and relax all at the same time.

We hope that TIQ2Sports helps you find coach, therapist, trainer, club or camp you are looking for, by offering you an overview of choices and reviews by athletes and parents.

At TIQ2Sports you can find anything from classes to half or full day camps for children (boys and girls), adolescents, and adults for group sports such as tennis, football, basketball, netball, sailing, athletics, dance, golf, hockey (field and ice), horse riding, skating, swimming, fitness, yoga, pilates, and running. In case you’re looking for more private, individual classes we offer personal trainers and more! Taught in English, French, and more, there is a club/course for everyone!

We are expanding our network of trainers and clubs daily so we can offer you more and more choices. Please contact us at for any questions or suggestions you may have.

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