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TIQ 2 Sports is a new platform for booking and offering sports activities online in Switzerland. Established in 2016, TIQ 2 Sports makes it possible to easily find and book sports lessons, sports camps, sports physiotherapists and any other offers related to sports.

TIQ 2 Sports wants to help adults and children be active in sports. There are many possibilities, and it can take time and effort to find the right one. This online platform connects people who are searching for a sports activity and people who are offering them. TIQ 2 Sports brings together sports enthusiasts, sports clubs, instructors, trainers and specialists to discover and offer new sports activities.


TIQ2Sports - Nyon, Switzerland

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TIQ2Sports is a great platform if you are looking for sport lessons or camps. So easy!



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The aim of TIQ 2 Sports is to connect you to the best sport experiences in your area.

At TIQ 2 Sports, we're working constantly to develop a network of trainers and clubs that we trust, like TIQ2Sports. We cover over 30 sports, and currently have more than 100 Trainers and Clubs in Switzerland waiting for you. Find out more about Body & Soul or other sports in Nyon.

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