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"In my courses," says Pilar Grau, "I help students develop the intelligence of their body. An important role is played by shifting concentration and attention to different parts of our bodies. Working on the physical level awakens fluidity in all parts of the body and helps to improve the functioning of the various systems." Pilar's pedagogical approach aims to adjust the position of each student according to his or her anatomy and capacities.

Pilar Grau is certified by the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) of Pune (India). She studied with Faek Biria in Paris (2000-2004) and Patxi Lizardi in Madrid. She teaches Iyengar Yoga in downtown Geneva (Carouge-Plainpalais).


Yoga Genève Pilar Grau - Geneva, Switzerland

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Saturday 23 Sept from 10:00 to 13:00 in Carouge
60.00 CHF
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Studio de danse, Rue de Carouge 57-59, 1205 Geneva

Every month Pilar Grau organises a one-off lesson with a theme. This one takes place on Saturday 23 September from 10:00-13:00.

Cet atelier est dédié au yoga comme manière douce et modérée de construire le muscle, de regagner de la force et de trouver une meilleure position. Que vous ayez des douleurs au bas du dos, au milieu, ou en haut du dos, il existe des postures de yoga qui pourraient vous aider à les soulager. Avec une respiration et une pratique régulière et adaptée à chacun/e, le yoga, parce qu'il entretienne notre endurance, souplesse et tonicité musculaire, peut soulager et prévenir ces douleurs qui deviennent parfois chroniques. Le yoga agit à la fois sur notre musculature, nos articulations et sur notre stress.

Simply sign up for this lesson and enjoy a morning of yoga with Pilar in Carouge!

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A private yoga lesson or massage - tailor made
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- -, 1205 Geneva

Tailor-made sessions for people wishing to deepen their approach to yoga or for people having specific health problems and / or are looking for pain relief. You will learn a sequence of personal postures, to be practiced at home according to your needs and level. Massages: learning to let go, taken by a yoga method combined with massages. The work is based on breathing, stimulation of energy lines and stretches to open the joints. You will stay dressed and the exercises / massages will be done lying or sitting. The length of a session depends on your needs. The price is based on CHF 100 p. hour. Area: Plainpalais, Geneva.

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- -, 1205 Geneva

If you are looking for a gift and you want to offer something durable, that does not pollute and that gives pleasure ... Offer your loved ones relaxation and well-being! You can offer a gift certificate for a weekend course (Saturday or Sunday), a group lesson, a private lesson or a yoga massage. Personalized gift cards are also available with an amount chosen by yourself. Click 'select' and indicate under 'comments' your course of choice or your chosen amount. You'll receive the gift certificate, by e-mail (in PDF) or on paper at your postal address.


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